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Principal’s Corner Number 12

by Kathy Hill


Our school year is quickly flying by.  We have 13 weeks to go and all teachers and staff are squeezing in as many learning opportunities as possible to empower our students to do their best and be successful!

Parent/Teacher conferences wrapped up last week, and it was a great opportunity for parents and families to gather information regarding their child’s work at MVS.  It is vital for parents/guardians to be involved in all aspects of a child’s education. Once students reach high school, parents often feel it is not necessary to attend conferences. In reality, this is one of the most important times to keep in touch with teachers and be aware of a child’s progress, grades, and behaviors.  With all of the technology distractions in our society today it is easy for a child to become immersed in social media and other technology areas that can be detrimental to a students social and emotional well being. Parents need to know what their child is doing on their phone, what websites and social media groups they are participating in, who their Facebook friends are, and what chat sites they visit.  Parents need to oversee their child’s phone as the parents are generally the one paying for the service. Research is now finding that the more students are on their devices the less they are building important social skills. At MVS we work to teach digital literacy and safety and try to limit student phone use. All students in grades K-8 are not allowed to use their phones during school hours. Phones are to be locked in a locker or not brought to school at all.  High school students are to use their phones only at lunch and between classes. We encourage parents to call the main office when you need to reach your child. We will make sure they get the message and if you need to need to check your child out of school, please remember, too, that parents must come to the office and sign your child out.

The next few weeks before spring break hold some great upcoming activities. Our juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to travel to Boulder to visit Colorado University and will have a fun time to relax and spend some time at the downtown aquarium.  College trips are sponsored and supported by our extraordinary counselor Mrs. Lisa Powers. She works diligently every day to support our students in social-emotional development and college and career options. The regional science fair is coming up on Friday, March 1st at ASU.  Mountain Valley is sending 13 representatives along with science fair coordinator Jody Abeyta. Good luck students! The first week of March will be a “Great Kindness Challenge Week.” Everyone at MVS will be encouraged to express kindness in a variety of ways. There will be some presentations and each day will have a “kindness” theme.  Stay tuned for more details! If you would like more information about activities at MVS, follow us on Twitter #MVSkids, @MVSkids, visit our facebook page  or our website Superintendent Travis Garoutte keeps us updated with events and activities.

Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Thursday, 02/21: FREE Community dinner and Prevention Bingo!

  • Thursday, 02/28: Juniors/Seniors: College Visits

  • Friday, 03/01: Regional Science Fair @ ASU

  • March 4th-March 7th: Great Kindness Week Challenge @ MVS!

  • Friday, 03/08: Teacher professional development day

  • Thursday, 03/13: End of 3rd quarter

  • 03/18-03/22: Spring Break. No School

Guidelines to Keep Students Home for Illness

Guidelines to keep students home for illness

It's flu season. Please take some time to read this informative guide for parents. Thank you!

flu-guide-for-parents-2018 Page 1

flu-guide-for-parents-2018 Page 2 

  School Vision

Mountain Valley School strives to create a welcome, safe and healthy environment that inspires lifelong learners who are Positive, Ethical, Accountable and Kind.

School Mission

Empower and prepare every student for lifelong academic success and personal growth.


2018-2019 School Calendar


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