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Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 5

by Kathy Hill


Save the Date: Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday/Wednesday, October 23-24

NO SCHOOL: October 25th


This week marks the end of the first quarter at MVS.  Parent-teacher conferences will be held next week, October 23 and 24th, from 4:00-7:00 p.m. each evening.  Conferences are a time for parents to discuss your child’s academic progress. Teachers will share grades, NWEA scores, DIBELS reading scores, class work, portfolios, and classroom goals.  In addition, all parents who attend conferences will have the opportunity to WIN an Amazon Fire Tablet, which can be used as an educational tool at school and home.  The Science Club and National Parks club will have fundraising dinners each evening. Stop by to enjoy a great meal and support these great student clubs!


On October 2, the staff at MVS honored each other with our traveling staff awards.  All staff members take a moment to reflect and choose teachers or staff who truly make a difference for kids.  This month’s winners include Molly Strain who received the Awesome Attitude award for always staying positive with kids and encouraging them to try new things. Our excellent fourth-grade teacher, Sam Teti, has received the Continuous Creativity award for all the great science, reading and social studies projects the class is doing each day.  Mrs. Melissa Boyles in the first grade was the recipient of the I Love Kids Award. Mrs. Boyles had been a paraprofessional in our district before finishing her degree and receiving her teaching license. She provides many differentiated lessons and student-centered activities for the kids. Finally, Mrs. Beth Schroeder received the Above and Beyond award.  Beth is our high school volleyball coach and fifth-grade teacher. She also serves on numerous committees including the accountability committee and she serves as our district assessment coordinator.


Our senior class participated in a team building ropes course and ASU last Thursday.  The class had to work together and support one another to complete it through the course.  Thanks to Mrs. Jody Abeyta for sponsoring and taking the students to Alamosa. Mrs. Abeyta’s research class has been conducting an ongoing project to study the different types of macroinvertebrates and wildlife in the area during different seasons throughout the year. Students are learning research and data collection techniques. Many of our seniors are participating in internships and work programs.  We have students helping out with the upcoming election and students earning some extra cash as they work for local businesses. The aquaponics class and teacher Yvonne Morfitt has complete a wonderful addition to our Geodesic Dome. We are excited to use this as a teaching lab for all of our students. Many of our high school students are taking an advanced placement Environmental Science or AP History.  Students in these classes follow a rigorous curriculum. These classes offer students a chance to gain advanced knowledge that will prepare them for college.


In the middle school. Mrs. Geneva Mixon will be taking four students to a workshop sponsored by the Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project.  The students and Mrs. Mixon will be participating in three days of training on collecting water samples and learning the chemistry of Saguache Creek.   This will be an ongoing project throughout the year as they monitor the river. This is the best way to experience real-life science.


Our elementary classes are thriving and extremely busy.  Classes are gearing up parent/teacher conferences and of course the upcoming Halloween festivities.  Each teacher is working diligently to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all our learners.  Classes are set up with numerous independent centers


Finally, October is Bullying Prevention Month.  At Mountain Valley School we are educating children to identify what bullying really is and how to handle situations in which they may be bullied.  We teach children that bullying is an imbalance of power and that bullying is a repeated negative action. We also are dedicated to the social-emotional health of children.  Our school counselor, Lisa Powers, and school nurse, Amy Norris, provide classes to all students on issues of bullying, suicide prevention, health and wellness, drug prevention and mental health issues.  All staff at MVS work to build close relationships with all children and truly care about guiding them through difficult situations in their lives. We want every child to have a connection with a caring, positive adult.


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Friday, 10/19: High school volleyball (home) vs. Antonito 11:00 a.m.

  • Saturday, 10/20: High school football vs. Kim/Branson played @ LaVeta

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, 10/23, 10/24: Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00-7:00 p.m.

  • Thursday, 10/25: No School.

  • 10/29-11/01: Red Ribbon Week

Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 4

by Kathy Hill


Save the Date: Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday/Wednesday, October 23-24

NO SCHOOL: October 25th


Another great homecoming week filled with activities and events has now been completed.  Students and staff worked hard to build and complete homecoming floats for our traditional parade.  The seniors welcomed our freshman to high school with some fun activities culminating in the whitewashing of the “S” and an eventful all-school pep rally.  The bonfire and introductions of the sports teams was a huge success on Friday night, and on Saturday our volleyball girls made the day exciting by taking their varsity match to the fifth game and nearly pulling off the win.  The football team remains undefeated as they played an awesome game against the Sargent Farmers on a beautiful fall day. MVS crowned seniors David Hammel and Samantha Clark as the homecoming king and queen and all students had fun participating in dress up/spirit activities. Many thanks to all parents, community members, students and staff for your efforts to make homecoming week enjoyable and a great learning experience!

We are entering our 7th week of school already and lots of things are happening at MVS.  Students just finished fall NWEA (North West Education Association) testing to obtain a baseline of skills and scores. Teachers will use this data to adjust their instruction so that all students needs can be met.  Parents will get a chance to review the data at parent/teacher conferences on October 23-24. Our new closed campus policy for high school is working wonderfully. Students are adjusting to not being allowed to roam off campus during lunch, and they know that our priority in closing campus was to keep them safe and healthy.  As a reminder to parents students will only be checked out of school to a parent or emergency contact. Please be sure to update contact information with Patty Williams our school secretary. Elementary and middle school students have a no cell phone use during the day policy in place. This eliminates lost or stolen phones and distractions during educational time. Please be cautious when allowing your child to take a phone to school. Mrs. Morfitt and the aquaponics class will be installing brand new aquaponics equipment in the Geodesic Dome.  The students are learning real world skills, and we should have a fully functional aquaponics lab soon! The waste from the fish is going to be used to supply natural fertilizer for the plants in the dome, and we will be able to grow a variety of vegetables. Our 8-12 grade students will get an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and create their own business at a 3 day camp sponsored in conjunction with Saguache HEART October 4-6. MVS is dedicated to providing a variety of experiences for our students and learning how to create a business will be many of the ways we are preparing students for careers after high school.

Many more activities and tons of vital learning occur each day at MVS.  We care about each child in our school and always want the best for them.  One of my favorite quotes is by long time educator Rita Pierson. She states, “Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.”  Let’s all be champions for our children!

Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Friday, 10/05: HS football and volleyball @ Manzanola

  • Saturday, 10/06: HS Volleyball played at Moffat 11:00 a.m.

  • Monday, 10/08: Creede Theater Presentation PK-5 grade

  • 10/12-10/13: Middle School End of year tournament

  • Friday, 10/13: HS Football @ Cripple Creek

  • Saturday, 10/14: HS Volleyball @ San Luis

Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 3

by Kathy Hill


Save the Date: School Day Friday, September 28th

Homecoming 2018: Saturday, September 29th


We are heading into our 5th week of school and students are making wonderful progress.  I have observed many ongoing science projects, research papers, geography projects, reading groups, team building activities, resilience training, and most importantly supported, happy children.  We are striving each day to make connections with our kids. We know that students who have a supportive and positive adult in their lives will be more resilient and able to be successful. We are working to help students gain needed social emotional skills which will allow them to become productive adults and citizens.  Each staff member at MVS is purposeful and positive in their interactions with our students. It takes redirection in a positive and caring way to hold students accountable for their actions and to help them hone their ability to work through problems and overcome adversity. All children are encouraged to be their best and choose to work hard and be positive.  Students at MVS are often challenged to go beyond their comfort zone and step up to do things that may be hard for them. Parents and community can help us in this task by encouraging the children of our community to do more than minimum. Encourage all our kids to stick with tasks each day and remind them that their education will allow them to open many new doors. They are not just learning the 3 R’s but life skills of professionalism, courtesy, resilience, empathy, and an attitude of giving.  


At our monthly staff meeting members passed on our prestigious traveling awards.  Receiving the Awesome Attitude award is Yvonne Morfitt. Yvonne wears many hats at our school.  She directs many grant opportunities and is a vital part of the administrative team for health and wellness at MVS.  Mrs. Morfitt is providing a advanced placement environmental science class this year challenging students to push themselves to be high achievers.  The nutrition and wellness class has had many great cooking challenges such as the the Mac n Cheese challenge. I was fortunate to be on the tasting panel and both dishes were amazing! Mrs. Morfitt will also be certified to provide CPR classes for students and staff.  New kindergarten teacher, Megan McAteer, was the recipient of the I Love Kids Award. Mrs. Mac, as the kids fondly call her, works hard to provide support and structure for our young 5 and 6-year-olds. They need boundaries and direction in loving and firm ways. Megan is a firm believer in actions have natural consequences and kindergarten children are learning those skills.  They also know they are loved and appreciated for exactly who they are and that each of them is special in their own way. Finally Anthony Salaz, our new maintenance and facilities director, received two awards this month. Anthony garnered the Above and Beyond award and an award for Continuous Creativity. Mr. Salaz’s position is continually evolving and new challenges to keep our current facility in running order come up throughout the day.  He is a kind and positive influence for all our children. Anthony will soon be learning and becoming an expert with all the new systems that will be in place in our new school. I am very proud and blessed to work with such amazing people at MVS!


Homecoming week begins September 24-29.  Tradition starts with dress up days: Monday 9/24– Pajama Day.  Tuesday 9/25– Twin Day.   Wednesday 9/26– Super Hero Day.   Thursday  9/27– Red/Black Day.


Friday the 29th is a school day with early release at 2:00 p.m.  The days events include:

  • 7:00 PM – Snake Dance (meet at the bank steps)

  • 7:15 PM – Bonfire at MVS (at the bus drop-off location)

    • The booster club will be selling chili and hot cocoa

Saturday, 9/29, events are as follows:

  • 8:30 – Parade Line-Up- Pitkin Avenue

  • 9:00 – Parade Begins

  • HS Volleyball vs. Sanford JV @ 11:00 (junior varsity and varsity games)

  • HS Football vs.  Sargent JV @ 4:00 PM

    • Halftime of the Football game – presentation of royalty and crowning

  • 8:00 PM-High school Homecoming Dance (super hero theme)

Please come out and support our students and MVS! If you have questions or need information, please call 719-655-2578.  

Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Thursday, 9/20: Middle school volleyball (Home) HS volleyball @ Alamosa

  • Friday, 9/21: MS and HS football and HS volleyball @ Sierra Grande

  • Week of 9/24-9/28: Homecoming Spirit Week!

  • Tuesday, 9/25: K-5 Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch

  • Tuesday, 9/25: Middle School Volleyball (Home) vs Center

  • Thursday, 9/27: High school volleyball @ Del Norte, Middle school volleyball @ Monte Vista

  • Friday, 9/28: SCHOOL IN SESSION.  Early Dismiss 2:00 p.m. Homecoming Events.

  • Saturday, 9/28: MVS Homecoming!

Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 2

by Kathy Hill


Save the Date: Homecoming 2018: Saturday, September 29th

More details and information about the parade and games will be coming soon!


Welcome to all our new families and students at MVS. We have 33 new children in our school, and we are so glad you have chosen Mountain Valley as your home!  We strive to provide 21st century learning skills and promote positive relationships and positive interaction with our students. We hold students accountable with dignity and professionalism.  Students create social contracts in their classes which promotes accountability for their actions and behaviors. They hold each other accountable and all students have ownership in the success of their class. Teachers are building relationships daily and take the time to understand the needs of each individual. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful staff who all want many great things for our kids and their futures!  Thank you MVS teachers, support staff, bus drivers and department chairs. I am thankful for the dedication and care you give to our students!


Home volleyball and football games started off with big wins this past weekend.  Our volleyball girls took only three games to secure their first home win and the football team won big over Primero.  This was the premiere of playing on our temporary field graciously donated for use by Corey and Aubrey Hill. What a beautiful setting right under the “S” and it was so great to see all the wonderful supportive fans!  Next home football game is September 14th and homecoming on the 29h. Thanks to our new athletic director Larry Hunt for all the great work he has done to coordinate with teams and get our field ready to go. For a complete schedule of games check out and click on the athletics tab.


I want to extend a great big THANK YOU to all who donated school supplies. Thanks to Michael and Juliet Briley and the Abiding in Him Fellowship.  All the supplies will be put to great use, and we are thankful to have such wonderful neighbors and friends supporting the families and children of Mountain Valley School.


Finally, a HUGE thank you to Dean who provides the space to print our articles and upcoming events.  We appreciate your support to get information to our community and thank you for continuing a vital part of Saguache history through the Saguache Crescent.


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • 9/07: volleyball @ Aguilar

  • 9/08: Volleyball HOME vs. SDC

  • 9/10: NWEA testing grades 1-11

  • 9/11: Middle School volleyball @ Center

  • 9/12: SLV Scholarship Summit @ Alamosa 10-12 grade attending

  • 9/14: Staff Inservice and HOME football and volleyball

  • 9/18: BOE meeting 6:00 p.m. Superintendent’s Office

Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 1

by Kathy Hill


Welcome to another exciting and eventful school year!  Our 2018-2019 school year is upon us, and we at Mountain Valley are truly thrilled about getting started on another adventurous year.  Teachers and staff have been working diligently planning, preparing, collaborating and setting the stage for a successful upcoming year.  


This will be the last year in our current school building as many of you have probably seen the work being done on our new facility.  The old cafeteria, shop, and bus barn are now gone making way for the new 21st facility to house the future generations of students and families of Saguache County. This will be a history making year as students will be able to observe the process as this new updated and amazing facility is brought to life.  


A special thank you goes to the summer  custodial staff at MVS. Thanks to Lucille Gomez, Tina Archuleta, Anthony Salaz, and student summer helper Sal Vigil.   This school and grounds are clean and ready for business.


We also have several new staff members to welcome to MVS.  First, Megan McAteer will be the new kindergarten teacher. Megan has moved here from New Jersey with her husband. She is excited to get started in her new class and embark on this journey with kindergarteners.  Megan has early childhood experience and is ready to make he kindergarten class her own. Samantha Teti is our new fourth grade teacher, and she is working towards her alternative licensure. Samantha lives outside Alamosa and has a degree in wildlife biology.  She worked in Pennsylvania for time at a wildlife conservation center. Samantha is used to working with kids and adults and providing great hands-on science experiences. She also has two family members who are teachers. We are welcoming Pearl Alexander back to MVS as the new high school English teacher.  Pearl was our school counselor five years ago and is pursuing an endorsement in secondary English. We are excited for her return and know she has great things to offer our students. We have three new paraprofessional joining us this year. Crystal Knight, Brooklyn Brewer and Jessica Phillips will be working with our special education director Amber Johnson.  All of our special education partners are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of every child and these paraprofessionals will provide great support to our young learners. Larry Hunt is the new athletic director for Mountain Valley. Larry has many years as a high school coach and athletic director and was athletic director for Adams State College. He brings an enthusiastic and positive mind set to our athletic program and has great ideas to support our student athletes.  And finally we have some new, yet not really new, teachers on board this year. Melissa Boyles has been a paraprofessional for over 10 years in our district and this past May she completed her teacher education program to receive her college degree and has endorsements in elementary and special education. Congratulations, Melissa! Mrs. Boyles will be our first grade teacher and she brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas to her classroom. Finally, Mr. Shawn Vigil, also a paraprofessional for two years, is entering the alternative licensure program to receive in mathematics endorsement.  Shawn is a graduate of Mountain Valley and has a degree in biochemistry. He has a wealth of experiences being a past graduate, and he is extremely knowledgeable. He will be teaching high school math this year. I am very excited for these new and returning staff members to join our team. Welcome to your new adventures at MVS!


So many good things will be happening for the students and families of Mountain Valley.  EVERYONE is welcome to join us this Thursday, August 16th, for our registration and open house.  Students and families can stop by the school from 8:00-4:00 p.m. to complete registration, get class schedules, have a hamburger or hot dog, and visit with friends and teachers.  


Please visit for a school calendar, supply lists and updates or call 655-2578 for more information.


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:


Monday, August 13th: New staff report

Tuesday, August 14th: All Staff Inservice

Wednesday, August 15th; All Teaching Faculty will be attending the Valley Wide PLC

Thursday, August 16th: Open House/Registration, MVS, 8:00-4:00, NO BUSES (BBQ LUNCH 11:00-2:00)

Monday, August 20th : First full day of classes.  Buses will run.


Remember: School begins promptly at 7:50 a.m.  FREE breakfast and lunch for all students!


Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 17

Kathy Hill


Mountain Valley is proud to honor Mrs. Patty Williams as our Educational Support Personnel of the Year.  Patty is the heart of our school office and I am so thankful and appreciative of her dedication and support of the families of MVS.  Congratulations!


We also honored other staff at our monthly staff meeting.  The I Love Kids award went to preschool teacher Peggy Williams. The Awesome Attitude award was passed to Eileen Wilfong who teaches kindergarten and K-5 music.  Renee Hazard received the Above and Beyond award for her excellence in our business department, and finally middle school math and science teacher Mimi Dolan was honored with our Continuous Creativity award.  


Art teacher Kristen Hansen and music teacher Eileen Wilfong presented a wonderful spring concert and art show.  The students showcased their artistic and musical talents. Thanks to everyone who participated including Beth Schroeder, 5th-grade teacher, for working with grades 3,4, and 5 to prepare for the concert and Scott Wilfong for sound system set-up.


Another graduation is upon us.  Hard to believe the class of 2018 is ready to receive diplomas and enter the world of higher education or the workforce. Graduation is this Saturday, May 19th, at 10:00 a.m. Please join us in celebrating our senior class!


This has been a hectic but very eventful school year.  Students made great progress and we are looking forward to our 2018-2019 school year.  It will be an amazing time as we see our new school building being formed and built. Please join us Wednesday, May 23rd at 2:00 p.m on the school football field for our groundbreaking ceremony. We will have a blessing presented by the Southern Ute tribe and other celebration activities!


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Thursday, May 17th: Middle school to BLM for clean-up days, Elementary mini Carnival

  • Friday, May 18th: School in Session and senior practice for Graduation

  • Saturday, May 19th: Graduation 10:00 a.m. MVS gymnasium

  • Monday, May 21st: K-2 field trip to Sand Dunes

  • Tuesday, May 22nd: 4th and 5th grade fishing trip to Russell Lakes, Middle school incentive field trip

  • Wednesday, May 23rd: Last day for elementary and Groundbreaking Ceremony

  • Thursday, May 24th: Last day of School 2:00 p.m. dismissal; Middle school end of year awards and picnic BBQ@ 10:30 a.m

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.

Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 16

Kathy Hill

We are counting down the days to the end of another exciting and eventful school year.  Teachers continue to work each and every day to keep students engaged and learning right up the last day.  It’s important for each day to be productive and full of learning. The preschool and elementary classes have been busy preparing for upcoming field trips and the end of the year spring concert.  Our middle school halls are filled with replicas of the human body as they are applying skills learned about cells and body systems to create visual teaching models for others. The high school classes just celebrated another fun PROM night and are finishing units to complete credits for graduation.  Many middle and high school classes are finishing ICAP (Individual and Career Academic Plans) by working on an introduction to financial literacy workshop through TeachBanzai. On the mornings of May 1st and 2nd, the 9-12th math classes will have a guest speaker from Aventa Credit Union that will discuss budgeting, credit, loans, etc. Beginning May 3rd through the rest of the year, the juniors in SAT prep and seniors in Precalculus will be working through the College in Colorado Money101 curriculum. The senior class is almost to the big day with just 3 weeks to go!  They are busy sending out invitations, planning graduation day, writing speeches, and planning family celebrations.


May is a notoriously busy month at MVS!  Here are the upcoming events and activities for this final month of school.  Please call or stop by the school for more information.  

  • April 23rd-25th: Envirothon competition in Denver

  • Wednesday, April 25th: FREE Community Diner and Prevention Speaker 5:30 p.m.

  • Thursday, April 26th: Juniors and seniors on college visit to Denver; 3rd grade Safety Day in Monte Vista and K-2 field trip to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

  • Friday and Saturday, April 27th and 28th: Middle and high school track

  • Monday, April 30th: 3:00 p.m. Pueblo Raptors- Birds of Prey at MVS

  • Tuesday, May 1st: Career Fair and a Free Dinner!  Gift card drawing for attendees!

  • Thursday, May 3rd: Grades 3,4,5, Field trip to the Royal Gorge and High school Academic Awards banquet 6:00 p.m.

  • Saturday, May 5th: High school track @Pagosa Springs

  • Wednesday, May 9th: PreK to Pueblo Zoo

  • Thursday, May 10th: Middle school students to Saguache forest service for garden planting; final Knowledge Bowl team competition and the annual Spring Concert and Art Show 6:00 p.m.

  • Thursday and Friday, May 10th and 11th: Seniors to celebrate end of year in Glenwood Springs.

  • Friday and Saturday, May 11th and 12th: Middle and high school end of year Track meets

  • Tuesday, May 15th: 3rd grade to Russell Lakes wildlife refuge; Winter/Spring sports banquet in Moffat @6:00 p.m.

  • Thursday, May 17th: Middle school to BLM for clean-up days

  • Friday, May 18th: School in Session and senior practice for Graduation; Elementary Fun activity day.

  • Saturday, May 19th: Graduation 10:00 a.m. MVS gymnasium

  • Monday, May 21st: K-2 field trip to Sand Dunes

  • Tuesday, May 22nd: 4th and 5th grade fishing trip to Russell Lakes, Middle school incentive field trip

  • Thursday, May 24th: Last day of School 2:00 p.m. dismissal; Middle school end of year awards and picnic BBQ@ 12:00

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.


Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 15

Kathy Hill


I first want to congratulate our Educator of the Year, Mr. Andrew Virdin.  Mr. Virdin teaches high school English and brings in his love for literature, the arts and music to his classes daily.  Andrew teaches with passion and brings a fast paced style to his lessons. Students are always engaged in thoughtful and respectful conversation and debate and they feel empowered to express their ideas and are prompted to support their opinions.  Mr. V, as students fondly call him, brings his own unique brand of knowledge and encourages students to seek out greater things in their lives.


Also, we congratulate our newest staff award winners at MVS.  Each month our staff takes time to honor and recognize each other’s efforts and successes. This month’s recognized winners are:  Yvonne Morfitt for the Above and Beyond award. Mrs. Morfitt is our high school science teacher, but is involved in many committees, grants, and provides immeasurable support for our students and families. The Continuous Creativity award went to Molly Strain: middle and high school social studies teacher.  This is Molly’s first year of teaching and she has found her calling. She will continue to be a vital part of MVS. The I Love Kids award went to interventionist and elementary PE teacher Hunter Good. Mr. Good brings a true love of learning to our school. Finally the Awesome Attitude was passed to Mr. Jody Abeyta.  Mrs. Abeyta always has great things happening in her classroom.


“Empower and prepare every student for lifelong learning.”  That’s part of our mission statement at MVS. As we await the groundbreaking for the new school building, I firmly believe we are preparing for a new concepts and new ways of learning and teaching in Saguache.  In the fall of 2019 we will enter into the new PK-12 facility. What an exciting time that will be for the community and our young families! The kindergarten class that year will graduate in the year 2032. Hard to fathom that number and that far into the distance!  I’m sure the community who were an integral part of this current building felt the same way. I know that our community voted for this new building because it is needed for the sustainability of future generations. If I only take away one thing in this life is that we have to be ever changing and accept that along the way everything happens for a reason and that everything happens the way it should.  We may be frustrated or disappointed by an event, but it’s all part of the greater plan for each of us. How we choose to move forward and live the rest of our days is what is important. I will continue to look toward the future and the betterment of our school and community. I look forward to “empowering and preparing” this younger generation to face their future endeavours with confidence and the ability to know that circumstances will always change.  It’s your focus, steadfastness, and attitude in the midst of those circumstances that will bring a life of happiness and fulfillment. Enjoy your week, everyone!


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Friday and Saturday, April 13th and 14th: High school track@SDC and Gunnison

  • Saturday, April 14th: Middle school track @ Alamosa

  • Tuesday, April 17th: Board of Education meeting: Superintendent’s Office 6:00 p.m.

  • Friday, April 20th: Middle and high school track

  • Saturday, April 21st: 9 News Health Fair at MVS gym, 7:30-11:30 a.m.

  • Saturday, April 21st: High school PROM hosted by Moffat 7:00-10:00 p.m.

  • April 23rd-25th: High school Envirothon competition @ Denver

  • Wednesday, April 25th: FREE Community Dinner and Speaker Lyn Reimer


For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.

Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 14

Kathy Hill

Happy Spring season everyone!  This past week students got an opportunity to rest and relax as we ushered in Spring.  Three quarters of the school year have been completed and everyone at MVS is looking towards making this last quarter of school a huge success!  


This is an exciting and busy time of year for MVS. Our PreK class had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day as they “captured” a leprechaun in their classroom! Each week the class ventures to our town Library to hear wonderful books and engage in terrific activities provided by Penny Alexander.  This week the K-2 classes will be traveling to the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience. The students have been reading about dinosaurs and studying how they lived millions of years ago. Grades 3-5 have been building academic and social emotional skills. Students learn how to work through problems and take responsibility for their actions.  Students are held accountable but also have opportunities to learn communication and positive ways to handle frustrations. Mrs. Lisa Powers our counselor and Mrs. Amy Norris, school nurse, will continue to provide lessons on these important health and wellness skills. This intermediate team is gearing up for an overnight field trip to Denver the first week in May.  Should be an exciting eventful time! The 8th grade class enjoyed an awesome field trip to Zapata Falls arranged by math and science teacher Mimi Dolan. The students got first hand experience with San Luis Valley geology. Coming up in May the entire middle school will be helping out the BLM by planting trees and providing a clean up service day. High school classes are busy trying to finish curriculum and meet state objectives.  The Envirothon team and Knowledge Bowl teams have events scheduled in the next two weeks and the junior class is helping Moffat school get ready for PROM on the 21st of April. It’s hard to believe that another graduation will soon be upon us. The senior class has eight weeks to go and each is getting ready for their lives beyond the school doors.


Finally, the state CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success) testing window is April 10th-26th.  CMAS and PSAT/SAT are the only common measuring tools for Colorado students. Measuring real-world skills like problem-solving and critical thinking, the tests are aligned to classroom work so teachers do not have to “teach to the test." Instruction based on the standards is the best preparation. Students in grade 3-11 will participate in these important tests. Additionally, state assessment results provide: 1) Information districts can use, in combination with other district information, to evaluate programs. 2) Information educators need to help improve instruction. State testing is required by Colorado Law.  For more detailed information visit

I would again like to invite anyone who would be willing to volunteer as a mentor or would be willing to serve as a PTO (parent/teacher organization) member to contact our school.  Our goal is to bring our community and school together in a partnership that will best serve our young people. Working for the betterment of the community is a goal for all of us. The more kids know that adults are truly invested in them the more those children will want to do great things and be productive in this community.  We need everyone to give guidance, support, and encouragement to help our children succeed. Please call 655-2578 for more information.

Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Thursday, March 29th: K-2 Field Trip to Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience

  • Thursday, March 29th: High school track meet @ La Junta

  • Monday, April 2nd: Elementary begins NWEA testing

  • Monday, April 2nd: Rio Grande Hospital presentation for high school 3:00 p.m.

  • Monday, April 2nd: Middle school track practice begins in Moffat

  • April 9-26th: STATE Testing- Grades 3-11

  • Thursday, April 5th: Knowledge Bowl @ Alamosa

  • Friday, April 6th: High school track @ Salida

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.

Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 13

Kathy Hill


This week marks the end of the third quarter of school. Spring break is March 19-22 and then we have nine short weeks until the end of the 2017-2018 school year!  

The staff honored four more members with the traveling staff awards given at the beginning of this month.  This month’s honorees are: Awesome Attitude: Fred Maez, I Love Kids Award: Wanetta Tipsword, Continuous Creativity Award: Kristen Hansen, and the Above and Beyond Award goes to school nurse Amy Norris.  All staff members work diligently each day to provide our students with a safe and stable learning environment.

It has been hectic but extremely productive these last seven months at MVS.  Each day I visit classrooms and encounter great learning experiences. I am always amazed to see the and growth and transformations that take place throughout the school year.  We have kindergarten students now reading and writing and third grade students learning multiplication. Fifth grade students are becoming proficient keyboarders and 8th graders are engaged in pre-algebra.  High school teachers are incorporating interdisciplinary lessons across all content areas and engaging students in thoughtful, respectful, and expressive conversations. We pride ourselves at MVS for allowing and encouraging movement in the classroom.  Research has shown that everyone learns better when allowed to take breaks, move and incorporate brain breaks into the day.

The new school main building design is nearing completion.  All staff had the opportunity to provide input into the design of classrooms and shared spaces.  The new school classrooms will have up-to-date technology and the ability to change and grow as needed.  The school will have great security, healthy air flow, flexible learning spaces, and the ability to adapt to our ever changing 21st century children’s needs.

Finally I would like to invite anyone who would be willing to volunteer as a mentor or would be willing to serve as a PTO (parent/teacher organization) member to contact our school.  Our goal is to bring our community and school together in a partnership that will best serve our young people. Working for the betterment of the community is a goal for all of us. The more kids know that adults are truly invested in them the more those children will want to do great things and be productive in this community.  We need everyone to give guidance, support, and encouragement to help our children succeed. Volunteering can simply mean laminating papers, listening to children read or calling families for upcoming events. Please call 655-2578 for more information. Have a great Spring Break!


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Thursday, March 15th: FREE Community Dinner and STEM Night!

  • Friday, March 16th: High school track @ Center

  • Friday, March 16th: High school Sadie Hawkins dance.

  • March 19th-23rd- Spring Break-No School

  • Wednesday, March 28th:Envirothon @Alamosa

  • Wednesday, March 28th: Adult Education sponsored by Aventa Credit Union

  • Thursday, March 29th: Grades K-2 field trip to Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience

  • April 9-26th: Required state testing

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.


Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 12

Kathy Hill


We have had lots of activities the past few weeks.  High school basketball wrapped up its season and high school wrestler, Isaiah Wellman, received a 5th place at the state tournament. Middle school wrestling is well under way and high school track practice begins this week.  Science fair winners in grade 4-8 will be completing at the SLV Regional Science Fair this coming weekend, March 2nd. Amy Norris, Lisa Powers and Kristen Hansen provided another great free community dinner and prevention bingo night.  Great food and many prizes were given away. Parent/Teacher conferences provided families with the opportunity to review winter test data and discuss progress of their children. The winners of the Amazon Fire Tablets were, elementary; Hadley Livings, middle school: Logan Boyles, and high school; Erica Ortega.  Congratulations to these families. Six high school students attended diversity workshops at Center Schools last Friday. They learned how to have a voice for themselves and spent time writing letters to themselves in the future. The workshops were presented by a group called “Cool Speak” who specialize in providing support for students to aim high and strive for excellence.  The Knowledge Bowl and Envirothon teams participated the past fews weeks. Our students are having opportunities to experience hands-on field science and academic competitions with other schools around the valley. The middle school team will be participating in a “Brain Olympics.” They will test their brain power by competing in fun academic events.


As we enter our last twelve weeks of school,  I am always amazed and proud of the work we do every day at MVS.  The teachers and staff provide opportunities for our students to be innovative, creative and solve problems.   Each person knows the important work we do and strives for excellence. All of us at MVS wear many hats and we have to be flexible and willing to adapt to changes.  Receiving the BEST grant to build a new facility and the passing of the bond issue was a huge change, and finalizing the plans and completing interior designs has been exciting. Everyone is anticipating the ground breaking ceremony to begin the construction phase. Being here the last thirty two years, I’ve seen my fair share of building changes, teacher changes, administration changes and of course student changes. The one factor that always remains constant is the need for change.  Education in the 21st century must always strive for improvement and change to continue moving forward. We have exciting plans for our community school, and I look forward to the next 18 months of changes.


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • February 27-March 15th: Pennies for Patients Fundraiser (all classes)

  • Thursday, March 1st: Regional Science Fair @ Alamosa

  • Wednesday, March 6th: Middle School to Salida for Colorado AgFest

  • Friday, March 9th: Middle School Reward Bowling Field Trip- Salida

  • March 19th-23rd- Spring Break

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.


Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 11

Kathy Hill


“Education is not the filling of pail but the lighting of a fire.” William Butler Yeats.

That quote is one that sticks with me everyday as I do my job as Mountain Valley School principal.  As an educator for 32 years I have seen more changes in the last five years than ever before. Our 21st century classrooms need to be bustling, productive spaces where students are thinking, creating and developing skills for an unseen future.  Today’s student can access billions of bits of information in an instant.  Want to know the size of Australia? Google it.  Want to now how to solve a quadratic equation? Youtube it. These millennial kids (born in the year 2000 or after) are so different from you and I. They are bombarded with technology, social media, instantaneous gratification and ease of access to knowledge.  It is vital that schools change their ways of providing information to kids.  No longer is the teacher a simple fountain of knowledge that provides notes and lectures and expects students to mimic and copy and provide the same information back.  Our teachers must be  facilitators of thinking, creating, and challenging students to grow and give back to community and humanity.  Application and utilization of knowledge is the key. Mountain Valley is dedicated to finding solutions and being the purveyors of change to guide our children and community into the 21st century.  These changes are not always easy but without change nothing moves forward.  Our graduates must be academic and career ready.  They must be able to “show” progress and growth not just with passing grades but with a product such as a portfolio or a career ready certificate.  MVS is rising to the challenge by changing the way traditional classes are offered and including technology and career readiness skills.  It is exciting to me to see our school of the future as a place where teams of students and adults work together to solve problems and design new or better options.  I look forward to “lighting fires” within our school so that our students continue to change the world for the better.


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Thursday and Monday, February 15th and 19th: NO SCHOOL  Presidents Day

  • Friday/Saturday, February 16th, 17th: State wrestling tournament

  • Friday/Saturday, February 16th, 17th: High school basketball games (Homecoming)

  • Wednesday, February 21st: Envirothon Team @ Alamosa

  • Thursday, February 22nd: Knowledge Bowl @ Alamosa

  • Saturday, February 24th: Middle school wrestling tournament

  • Monday, February 26th: Brain Based Learning seminar

  • Monday, February 26th: Pennies For Patients Fundraiser Begins (2 weeks)

  • Monday, February 26th: High school track practice in Moffat

  • Thursday, March 1st: Regional Science Fair @ Alamosa

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.

Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 10

Kathy Hill 

Last week, Saguache HEART (Health Equity Action Resident Team) brought in speaker and student advocate Craig Schroeder to facilitate a Youth Focus group centered on understanding the needs of our small rural community.  These 7th-12th grade students had an opportunity to share concerns and their future visions of our community.  They shared hopes and insights as to the need for better health facilities, transportation, and more business opportunities.  Students then spoke to many community members and business owners during a HEART sponsored lunch.  The plan of action is to have these students become engaged in this community, resolve problems, and strive to make their home community a great place for everyone.


MVS celebrated and honored our second quarter “Students of the Quarter” at an assembly on Thursday, January 25th.  Students were honored not only for academic performance but for continual growth, improvement, and positive mindsets to become better each day. Those honored were: Kindergarten: Curtis Martin, 1st and 2nd grade: Cashel Johnson, 3rd grade: Ivyjean VanEgmond, and Tye Salaz, 4th grade: Heaven Harford, 5th grade: Ashlynn Willhite and Damien Ross, 6th grade: Megan Murphy, 7th grade: Keladrae Brooks, 8th grade: Joey Hollenbeck, 9th grade: McKensie Innes, 10th grade: Saari Deherrera, 11th grade: Thomas Fairchild, and 12th grade: Selene Hart. Congratulations to these fine young ladies and gentlemen of MVS! We are so proud of the you!


Finally, at Mountain Valley School our  mission is “To empower and prepare every student for lifelong academic success and personal growth.”  I believe that statement applies not only to students but to all the adults at MVS and all who enter our doors.  We encourage everyone to become an expert in their field, study and learn new things, take risks, strive for excellence, and build productive and positive relationships.  I believe personal growth for our students and families is about knowing self, striving to enhance of all aspects of the person, and the development of positive life skills and a realistic, healthy self-esteem.  We work diligently to improve and enhance these skills for children and adults alike. I appreciate all that parents, families, and supportive adults do to cultivate this personal growth in our school community.  Every positive encounter we have with children and adults is a vital way to provide support and make a difference.  Have a great week!


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Tuesday, January 30th: Regional Knowledge Bowl @ Alamosa

  • Thursday, February 1st: Science Fair! Grades 4-8 participating

  • Thursday/Friday, February 1st and 2nd: Juniors and Seniors on College Tours

  • Friday, February 2nd: High school basketball in @ Moffat 5:00 p.m.

  • Saturday, February 3rd: High school basketball @ MVS 1:00 p.m.

  • Saturday, February 3rd: High school wrestling @ Ordway

  • Tuesday, February 6th: FBLA Regional Conference @ Alamosa

  • Wednesday, February 7th: Community Meeting about the New School (place TBD)

  • Tuesday/Wednesday, February 13th and 14th: Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Thursday and Monday, February 15th and 19th: NO SCHOOL  Presidents Day

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.

Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 9

by Kathy Hill


Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope this past winter holiday was filled with laughter and joy with family and friends.   Everyone here at Mountain Valley is excited for this second part of our school year and the new 2018 year.  Can’t believe the year 2020 is just around the corner!


We recently had a staff meeting and honored four members of our Mountain Valley family with our prestigious traveling staff awards.  Each month someone at Mountain Valley is honored by a colleague and presented with one of four awards.  The “Above and Beyond” award was given to Mr. Shawn Vigil for all the great work he does as a paraprofessional. The “I Love Kids” award was presented to Mr. Hunter Good, who works with the elementary as an interventionist, classroom teacher, and is our elementary PE teacher.  Our  “Awesome Attitude” award was passed to our wonderful school secretary Patty Williams, who mans to front lines of the district. And finally, the “Creativity” trophy was awarded to Mrs. Lisa Powers our K-12 school counselor who does an amazing job!  All of our family at Mountain Valley are dedicated to doing the best job for students.  We know that each of us is a vital part of the team and that each has a huge responsibility to keep our students safe, happy, healthy, and engaged in learning. I appreciate ALL employees and members of the Mountain Valley family.  Each of us is a necessary and integral part of our school community.


As we enter these last weeks of January our students are taking the NWEA winter testing battery.  NWEA stands for Northwest Evaluation Association.  These assessments are used in over 7,400 districts and school across the county.  This research-based, computerized assessment program helps educators answer crucial questions about student learning.  Information about every student’s learning allows teachers the opportunity to adjust curriculum and provide lessons to help students grow.  Testing data and assessment are key components to help drive instruction.  If we know a student’s learning level, instruction can be tailored to fit that child’s need.  At Mountain Valley we are dedicated to providing the best overall education for our children, and we use many strategies and methods to increase student learning and help our children have success.  Have a great week!


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • January 15-18: High school NWEA testing

  • January 16 and 18: Middle school girls basketball

  • Saturday, January 20: High school wrestling @ Trinidad

  • Saturday, January 20: High school basketball (home- Moffat) 2:00pm

  • January 22-25: Elementary school NWEA testing

  • Wednesday, January 24: Youth Vision Focus Presentation ( In coordination with Saguache HEART)  9:00 a.m.

  • Wednesday, January 24: Design Advisory Group 5:00 p.m.

  • Friday, January 25: High school basketball @ LaVeta

  • Saturday, January 26: High school wrestling @ Center

  • Tuesday, January 30: Regional Knowledge Bowl @ Alamosa

  • Thursday, February 1: Science Fair

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.

Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 8

by Kathy Hill


Our first four months of school has flown by.  The end of 2017 was capped off with our annual Winter Holiday music and art celebration.  Mrs. Kristen Hansen, K-12 art teacher displayed many of our student's various and beautiful artistic endeavors and Mrs. Eileen Wilfong led the Pre-K-5th grade students in wonderful renditions of favorite Disney songs.  Students showed off their expert recorder and guitar skills, and the staff had a bit of fun singing as well. Our high school drama class did an outstanding job with their play and many laughs were had by all. Thank you to all involved!  

The holiday Christmas break is here and the kids and staff are ready to celebrate with family and friends. As I write this I hope all of us remember why this season is so important and special and the real reason for celebration.  Please take time to enjoy your families and be thankful for all the great things we have in our lives!  The school family here at MVS wishes everyone a safe and joyous holiday break! We look forward to the year 2018 and the continued excitement our new school will bring.


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Thursday, December 21st: Early Dismissal: 2:00 p.m.

  • December 22nd, 2017-January 8th, 2018, : Holiday Break.

  • Monday, January 8th: Teaching Faculty Work Day

  • Tuesday, January 9th: Students return to school.

  • Thursday, January 11th: End of the 1st Semester

  • Saturday, January 13th: High school basketball at Manzanola, High school wrestling at Westcliff.

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.


Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 7

by Kathy Hill


Another December is upon us and the holiday break is fast approaching.  December will be a busy and eventful time for all at Mountain Valley.  Here are a few of our upcoming events and happenings.

High school basketball and wrestling got underway last weekend and teams have tournaments and games coming up.  Middle school boys basketball will play in their final tournament this weekend December 8th and middle school girls basketball practice begins on December 11th.  MVS will host a fall sports banquet on Thursday, December 7th, at 5:30 p.m.  The main dish (ham and scalloped potatoes) will be provided by our wonderful cafeteria staff and all are invited to bring a side dish or dessert to share!

All students have been busy working towards greater student achievement and advancing their knowledge and skills.  Grades 3, 4, and 5 and middle school students will be visiting the Orient Land Trust and Hot Springs this week to learn about geothermal energy and sustainability techniques.   The knowledge bowl team will compete at another exciting meet this week. Science fair is right around the corner as well and classes have been busy preparing and refining projects.  The 6th grade math class is busy creating holiday projects to sell at various times and places in the community.  Each student had to come up with a business plan and initial monies to create a product.  They will then market and sell to learn about sales and profit margins.  

All high school students attended the Adams State University career fair a few weeks ago.  This was a great trip and many students got a chance to visit with potential schools and programs to enhance their career readiness after high school.  The high school classes will attend a presentation of Shakespeare's “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in conjunction with their English classes.  Students will practice theater etiquette and have the opportunity to dive into the world of Shakespeare and theater.

We recently had our first community meeting about the design and creation of our new school!  This was a very successful event with about 60 people in attendance listening to the architects and offering ideas and opinions about our new safe and innovative facility.  More meetings will be coming up!  

December 14th marks the date for our annual Winter Holiday Celebration.  Mrs. Eileen Wilfong has been busy preparing K-5 students to share the “Disney” themed celebration.  The high school drama class will present “13 Ways to Mess Up Your College Interview” and then our PreK class will start our musical celebration. Cookies, coffee and punch will round out the evening with a visit from a jolly fellow from the North Pole.  Please join us for this fun and festive evening!

Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Thursday, December 7th: Knowledge Bowl in Alamosa and Fall Sports Banquet at MVS 5:30 p.m. Potluck: Bring a dish to share!

  • December 8th and 9th: High school basketball tournament in Cotopaxi and high school wrestling in Salida

  • Thursday, December 14th: Winter Concert Celebration!  6:00 p.m.

  • Thursday, December 21st: Early dismissal: 2:00 p.m. Holiday Break.

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.


Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 6

by Kathy Hill


We are entering the 12th week of school and everyone is continuing to work diligently and aiming for the best for all of our students and families at MVS.  Lots of activities and happenings have occurred this past two months of school.  This last week we celebrated Red Ribbon week. Health professional Amy Norris and counselor Lisa Powers brought in speakers and provided activities to teach students and staff preventative and healthy choices about alcohol and drugs. Students had the opportunity to enter poster and coloring contests and made pledges to be drug and alcohol free.  Mountain Valley School believes in the well being of the whole child and that all are treated equally and fairly.  I look at a child; not color, size, shape, race, or gender.  Every child deserves the best education and everyone deserves a safe place to learn and thrive.  We also hold everyone accountable for their choices and serve to educate and teach about understanding and respect.  Is it always wonderful and without problems? No. But at Mountain Valley we teach to solve problems, not just complain and do nothing. “Action creates change. Not discussing action.” by George Curous, is a quote I refer to often.  Change doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time, diligence and effort to create something better and repair what seems broken. I take pride in knowing that the staff of MVS are all here to serve the best interests of our students and community.  We are working hard to make things better every day!

Last week we celebrated our Students of the Quarter at an all school assembly.  Students were recognized with a certificate and $10 Wal-Mart gift card.  

Honorees are: Kindergarten-Hadley Livings, 1st/2nd grade- Madilynn McGee, 3rd grade- Anna Freek and Wyatt Beohm,  4th grade- Ian Volkman,  5th grade- Cara Poland and Cyrus VanEgmond,  6th grade- Honey Sandoval,  7th grade-  Hali Lawson,  8th grade- Mercedes Sandoval,  9th grade- Laura Morfitt,  10th grade- Alyssa Hammel,  11th grade- Summer Quintana,  12th grade- Marian Glenn-Shipley.  Congratulations to these fine young men and women and keep up the awesome work!

Staff also had a celebration to honor each other this past week.   The Above and Beyond Award went to Amber Johnson for her tireless effort to help with our intervention process.  The Creativity honor was passed to Eileen Wilfong for her great efforts to continue our wonderful music program! Kristen Hansen has been honored for the Awesome Attitude she has for each and everyday. Finally, our I Love Kids Award was forwarded to Preschool director Lacy Reed for her efforts to provide a safe and nurturing classroom environment that provides our youngest children with a great start to their education.


Finally, a drawing was held for three Amazon Fire Tablets for parents and guardians attending parent/teacher conferences.  Congratulations to these students and their families: Elementary: Anna Freek,  Mercedes Sandoval, and Suzannah Saeugling.

Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Tuesday and Thursday’s: Middle School Boys Basketball (games in Moffat)

  • Wednesday, November 8th: Envirothon in Alamosa

  • Friday, November 10th: All Valley PLC for Teachers

  • Monday, November 13th: High school basketball practice begins(Moffat)

  • Wednesday, November 15th: High school students to attend a Career Fair-Adams State University

  • November 16th: Prevention Bingo and Free Community Dinner!   Lots of prizes to be given away. Watch for fliers out soon!

  • November 20-23rd Thanksgiving Break.  No School!

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.


Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 5

by Kathy Hill

It is amazing that students have finished one quarter of the 2017-2018 school year.  Time passes quickly so we need to take advantage of every moment and make all experiences great learning experiences.   

As we approach the upcoming bond election in November, my hope is that all voters will get the facts about our failing and aging buildings and the safety and health risks that prevail.  I think often of the wonderful things our faculty and students do here at Mountain Valley.  We have motivated, capable students who need and deserve the best education has to offer.  That includes a facility that provides safety, proper lighting, comfortable temperatures, healthy airflow, clean modern spaces, 21st century learning spaces, and classrooms where learning and creating are priorities. I have visited all the new schools in the San Luis Valley over the past few years. Each time I return to MVS  hoping that soon our students will have such great learning spaces where families and the community can come together and grow together.   The current buildings at MVS have outlived their lifespan and many problems persist and will continue to get worse.  As a teacher for over thirty years and now principal for the past two years, I have seen problems in the building continue to unfold.  As I worked on my principal licensure this past year, safety and protection for everyone is a top priority in my classes.  Our building needs to be modernized to provide that protection for your kids and the community who use these facilities.  It is difficult to see those problems unless you are in the classrooms everyday.  I am proud of the faculty and staff as they continue to strive for the best even though current buildings make optimal learning sometimes difficult.  We have an awesome gift from the state of Colorado that will not come around again.  Just as we tell our students to learn as much as they can, I hope all voters will do the same and be informed as you cast your ballot this November. Get answers at or or make an appointment to visit with Superintendent Travis Garoutte and get your questions answered.  

Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Thursday, October 26th: NO SCHOOL

  • October 30th-November 1st: Red Ribbon Week!  Prevention Strategies for Healthy Youth

  • October 31st: Middle School Boys Basketball: @ Centauri

  • Wednesday, November 1st: Student of the Quarter Assembly

  • Thursday, November 2nd: Knowledge Bowl-Alamosa

  • Saturday, November 4th:  Alpine Achievers Initiative Field Trip to Denver Art Museum

  • Wednesday, November 8th: Envirothon in Alamosa

For more more information check us out or call 655-2578.

Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 4

by Kathy Hill

Mountain Valley School

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Amazon Fire Tablet Drawing!

Win ! Win! Win!

The Mountain Valley School parent/teacher conferences are set for Tuesday and Wednesday, October 24th and 25th. Please plan on visiting with your child’s teacher(s) from 4:00- 7:00 p.m. each night or schedule an appointment. Teachers are excited to share data assessments, grade reports, portfolios, and information about your child. In addition, all parents who attend conferences will have the opportunity to WIN an Amazon Fire Tablet, which can be used as an educational tool at school and home.  Also, the Science Club will be having a fundraising dinner on Tuesday, October 24th, and Mr. Virdin’s Capstone class has a dinner planned for Wednesday, October 25th.

Our 2017 homecoming week was a huge success!  The traditional parade down main street was a great start to the day and high school sports teams did an amazing job!  High school football had a great win leading into the annual bonfire and homecoming dance.  Thanks to all who participated and celebrated our students at MVS!  

We are now in our 8th week of school and classes are moving along at great speed!  Mountain Valley’s preschool program continues to remain top notch in providing early childhood preparation and whole child development for the transition to kindergarten.  Grades K-2 have small group and individualized instruction to help advance students to the next level.  In addition K-2 students have art, PE, music and social studies/science everyday.  They recently took a field trip to North Crestone trail and enjoyed a spectacular day of hiking, exploring nature and learning about our beautiful area and great outdoors. The students journaled about the experience and shared their exciting stories of seeing caves and the spectacular fall colors. Grades 3-5 are departmentalized again this year allowing teachers to analyze growth from year to year in a more productive manner and make needed changes to improve instruction.  Our 3-5 grades will be spending a great day at the Homestead Ranch coming up next week.  Students will learn about the history of the area and experience  what life was like for the pioneers of 150 years ago.  Middle school students have a full schedule and are finishing up football and volleyball seasons.  They are understanding their learning modalities and teachers are incorporating a growth mindset of effort and perseverance into all lessons..  Our high school students amaze me everyday!  We have students taking advanced online college courses and each student's unique needs are being met through credit recovery opportunities or differentiated instruction.  Student projects from our Capstone hour are truly incredible.  Selene Hart is reaching out to cancer patients by setting up visits to hospitals and donating items. Caleb Slater is forming a creativity club where anyone can join and share their love of music, art, dance, in a safe space without being judged.  Fallon Curry will be planning a career night so middle school and high school students can visit with professionals and plan their career paths.  Sarri DeHerrera is building a new school website and incorporating visual aesthetics and design elements.  Alyssa Hammel is planning  a free mini basketball camp for younger students to have fun, learn new skills, and build team spirit.  These are just of few of the fantastic passion projects and creative ways our students are in incorporating 21st century learning into their school experience. I am proud of the work we do at MVS!  Student success and meeting the needs of the whole child are our top priorities!



Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Thursday, October 19th: End of First Quarter

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, October 24th and 25th: Parent/Teacher Conferences: Fundraising dinners provided each evening

  • Thursday, October 26th: No School

For more more information check us out @MVSkids or call 655-2578


Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 3

by Kathy Hill


Homecoming 2017: Friday, September 29th-School in Session

Parade 9:00 a.m. / HS Volleyball 12:00 noon / HS Football 1:30 p.m. / Bonfire 7:15 p.m.


Every new school brings promise and new beginnings.  This year is no exception. I am excited for this upcoming school year and the possibility of a new safe school. We have wonderful, hard working, dedicated staff members who know that they can make a difference in children’s lives.  I have a new goal this year to form a Parent/Teacher Organization with the hope of creating community/family/school partnerships and a joint effort to make education better!  I envision MVS as a true community school that works for the benefit is all.

Mountain Valley students have new technology and new classes to begin this 2017 school year.  We were fortunate  to purchase affordable but up to date Chromebooks for each class.  Students are now more than ever able to be world connected and are reaching outside the the school walls and outside their comfort zones.  The middle and high schools have a “Capstone” hour in which they are exploring a passion project and creating something new for themselves.  They must collaborate and think critically about the projects and community they want to create and reach.  We have students striving to form a soccer team, have sports camps, build websites and offer their services to the community.  They are exploring their love of art and passions for helping others.  I have been extremely impressed by their organization and ability to think outside the box. The students are learning to take steps outside their comfort zones and learning to be proactive with their efforts.  Some are seeking mentors and community members who will help guide their passions and teach them new skills.  

The MVS middle school spent two days at Camp Jackson outside Pueblo.  Students climbed high wire ropes courses, learned communication skills, and formed a new understanding and appreciation for each other.  They are creating a review which will be presented at the October board meeting. Our counselor, Lisa Powers, took six seniors to a college fair at ASU this past week.  They also toured Trinidad State Junior College.  Students came back with great ideas and a new drive to explore the possibilities of college and community colleges.  MVS is hoping to forge new connections with Trinidad State in hopes of allowing our students opportunities to learn a trade and earn certificates to be career ready.  

Mountain Valley is the proud recipient of the school health professionals grant which will afford us the ability to have a full time nurse for the next three years.  We welcome Mrs. Amy Norris who will be joining our staff and helping to implement health, wellness, and prevention strategies for our students and families.  Amy will work alongside Mrs. Holly Kauffman who has already established health opportunities for our children.

If you would like to help our school by being a mentor, assisting with tutoring or being a classroom aid, please contact me at 655-2578.  We welcome your input and appreciate your efforts to make our community stronger!


Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Friday, September 29th: School Day and Homecoming!  Parade at 9:00 a.m.

  • Saturday, October 7th: Middle and high school volleyball and football

  • Wednesday, October 11th: Envirothon Team Competition-Alamosa

  • Thursday, October 12th: Knowledge Bowl Team-Alamosa

FREE Community Dinner sponsored by Capstone Class

  • Tuesday and Wednesday, October 24th and 25th: Parent/Teacher Conferences

For more more information check us out @MVSkids or call 655-2578


Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 2

by Kathy Hill

Save the Date: Homecoming 2017: Friday, September 29th

More details and information about the parade and games will be coming soon!

As we enter the fourth week of school, I am amazed to see how much progress and learning is happening at MVS.  We have such a wonderful school community and everyone is being empowered to learn and grow.  This generation of children is entering a new era in education; an era of 21st century learning skills.  We promote the four C’s of 21st century skills: Collaboration. Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity. Teachers are creating learning environments which allow for students to interact and create new things while sharing and teaching others.  They work in small groups or teams and classroom environments allow for movement and non-traditional thinking spaces.  We have standing desks, walls of whiteboard, and table spaces to share and communicate.  No longer do we have students sitting isolated and just copying or repeating information in rows and desks.  Students are invited and encouraged to think about new ways to solve problems and making  mistakes is all part of learning.  We are inspiring our students to take risks, overcome barriers, and not give up simply because something is hard.  It’s been said, “We only fail when we stop trying.”  We are committed to helping students achieve and making things better for our students, families and community.  Our entire school is striving to perpetuate a growth mindset that encourages exploration and a never give up attitude.  It truly takes a village and all of us are part of this village of learners.

This last week our staff continued with our tradition of honoring their colleagues.  This month’s honorees are Mimi Dolan for the “I love kids” award.  Mimi is our middle school math and science teacher and is committed to empowering kids to make good choices and take responsibility for themselves.  Our “Creativity” award went to Hunter Good, our elementary interventionist and PE teacher.  Hunter is organizing the schedule for our Americorp volunteers as providing literacy and math support in elementary classes.  Our “Awesome Attitude” was awarded to Melissa Boyles our extraordinary paraprofessional. Melissa has been serving and providing support for MVS kids for the past 14 years. She is working on finishing her teaching degree and is managing our special services department. Finally,  Yvonne Morfitt was honored with the “Above and Beyond” award.  Yvonne works tirelessly writing and applying for grants that support our students and families.  Congratulations to all of our outstanding staff members of MVS.

Finally, I want to extend a great big THANK YOU to all who donated school supplies. Thanks to Michael and Juliett Briley, Frank Curtis, the Abiding in Him Fellowship, and Aventa Credit Union.  All the supplies will be put to great use, and we are thankful to have such wonderful neighbors and friends supporting the families and children of Mountain Valley School.

Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

  • Pee Wee football and volleyball. Please contact the school for more information

  • Friday, September 15th: Middle and High school football and volleyball at Antonito

  • Saturday, September 16th: Fall Festival Otto Mears Park

  • Saturday, September 16th: High school volleyball home at 12:00 noon

  • Wednesday, September 20th: Picture Day!

  • Thursday, September 21st: Middle school volleyball home at 4:30

  • September 19th and 23rd: Cross Country meets

  • Friday, September 29th: School Day and Homecoming!  Parade at 9:00 a.m.

For more more information check us out @MVSkids or call 655-2578


Mountain Valley School

Principal’s Corner Number 1

by Kathy Hill


Back to School Night! Thursday, August 31st.

Everyone is invited to join us a MVS for back to school night. Join us for food, fun, and information.  Teachers and students are eager to show off their classrooms and share all the great things they do at MVS!

Our first week is complete, and I am truly amazed at how quickly it flew by.  Our students are getting settled in and already working diligently to achieve and learn new things!  Our mission at MVS is “Empower and Prepare Every Student for Lifelong Academic Success and Personal Growth.”   We take our mission seriously and want to include everyone.  This include families, staff, and our community.  Our school is the heart of the community, and we need to embrace and nurture the families therein.    We all have a part in the education of our children.  I don’t personally have kids, but I take seriously my job of helping to “raise” our community’s children.  Not just because I’m a teacher and now principal, but because it matters! Mountain Valley is dedicated to empowering students and staff to learn and grow in every way.    We know that 21st century learning is upon us and that kids learn differently today.  They have knowledge and the world at their fingertips, and  our faculty is no longer just providing facts and figures. We are guiding children to create and think critically about their futures and about this world around them.  Education is about everyone, and at MVS we want everyone to be a learner.  Our faculty and staff are always encouraged to take classes or workshops and learn as much as they possibly can about their jobs and careers. The faculty is engaged in individualized professional development.  They are learning new things and better ways to teach and applying them everyday to their classrooms.  I am proud of our school and the entire community of Saguache!  We do wonderful things for each other and for our kids!  

Here’s What’s Happening at MVS:

Thursday, August 31st: Back To School Night!  5:30 p.m  -Dinner will be provided!

Friday, September 1st: Middle and High School football and volleyball at Cotopaxi

Monday, September 4th: NO SCHOOL.  Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday, September 5th: AAI after school programming begins.

Tuesday, September 5th-14th: NWEA testing window

Saturday, September 9th: Home Football and Volleyball games

For more more info check us out @MVSkids or call 655-2578