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M-Th 7:50 am-4:00 pm

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Board of Education Regular Meeting Agenda November 17, 2020

Mountain Valley School District School Board meets on the third Tuesday of the month.  The board believes in community involvement and outreach at school board meetings.   Meetings are held at the District Office beginning at 6 p.m.

 Your participation is welcome at Mountain Valley School District  School Board meetings. 

Some quick notes:

 •The board’s meeting time is dedicated to the mission and top-priority focus areas.

•Your insights are needed and welcomed and the board encourages you to meet with the most appropriate person.

 Minutes August 20th 2020

Minutes August 18th 2020

Minutes Special Meeting August 6th 2020

Minutes July 21st 2020

Minutes Special Meeting June 30th 2020

Minutes Virtual June 16th 2020

Minutes Virtual May 19th 2020

Minutes Virtual Work Session May 13th 2020

Minutes Virtual April 21st 2020

Minutes February 26th 2020 File 1File 2

Minutes February 18th 2020

Minutes January 21st 2020

Minutes December 17th 2019

Minutes December 10th 2019

Minutes November 19th 2019

Minutes November 12th 2019

Minutes October 15th 2019

Minutes September 25th 2019

Minutes September 17th 2019

Minutes August 20th 2019

Minutes July 16th 2019

Minutes June 18th 2019

Minutes May 21st 2019

Minutes April 16th 2019

Minutes March 26th 2019

Minutes February 19th 2019

Minutes Special Meeting February 6th 2019

Minutes January 15th 2019

Minutes Special Meeting January 9th 2019

Minutes December 11th 2018

Minutes November 14th 2018

Minutes October 16th 2018

Minutes September 18th 2018

Minutes September 5th 2018

Minutes August 21st 2018

Minutes July 18th 2018

Minutes June 19th 2018

Minutes May 21st 2018

Minutes May 15th 2018

Minutes April 17th 2018

Minutes March 27th 2018

Minutes March 7th 2018

Minutes February 20th 2018

Minutes January 16th 2018

Minutes December 28th 2017

Minutes December 19th 2017

Minutes December 7th 2017

Minutes November 29th 2017

Minutes November 14th 2017

Minutes October 17th 2017

Minutes September 18th 2017 

Minutes August 15th 2017

Minutes July 18th 2017

Minutes June 20th 2017

Minutes June 15th 2017

Minutes May 9th 2017

Minutes April 18th 2017

Minutes March 28th 2017

Minutes March 14th 2017

Minutes February 21st 2017

Minutes January 17th 2017

Minutes January 9th 2017

Minutes December 20th 2016

Minutes December 13th 2016

Minutes November 2nd 2016 (Work Session)

Minutes October 11th 2016

Minutes September 13th 2016

Minutes August 22nd 2016

Minutes August 9th 2016

Minutes July 12th 2016

Minutes June 28th 2016

Minutes May 10th 2016

Minutes April 26th 2016

Minutes April 12th 2016

Minutes March 8th 2016

Minutes February 9th 2016

Minutes January 27th 2016

Minutes January 12th 2016

Minutes December 8th 2015

Minutes December 1st 2015

Minutes November 19th 2015

Minutes November 10th 2015

Minutes October 27th 2015

Minutes October 13th 2015

Minutes September 8th 2015

Minutes August 11th 2015

Minutes June 24th 2015

Minutes June 9th 2015

Minutes May 12th 2015

Minutes April 21st 2015

Minutes March 12th 2015

Minutes March 10th 2015

Minutes February 10th 2015

Minutes January 28th 2015

Minutes January 13th 2015

Minutes December 9th 2014

Minutes November 11th 2014

Minutes October 22nd 2014

Minutes October 14th 2014

Minutes September 23rd 2014

Minutes August 18th 2014

Minutes August 12th 2014

Minutes June 25th 2014

Minutes June 10th 2014

Minutes May 13th 2014

Minutes April 8th 2014

Minutes March 11th 2014

Minutes February 13th 2014

Minutes January 14th 2014

Minutes January 5th 2014

Minutes December 10th 2013

Minutes November 12th 2013

Minutes October 8th 2013

Minutes September 10th 2013

Minutes August 13th 2013

Minutes June 11th 2013

Minutes May 14th 2013

Minutes April 17th 2013

Minutes March 12th 2013

Minutes Feburary 12th 2013

Minutes January 15th 2013

Minutes December 11th 2012

Minutes November 13th 2012

Minutes October 9th 2012 

Minutes September 11th 2012

Minutes August 14th 2012

Minutes June 12th 2012

Minutes May 21st 2012

Minutes May 8th 2012

Minutes April 10th 2012

Minutes March 13th 2012

Minutes February 15th 2012

Minutes January 17th 2012

Minutes December 26th 2011 Work Session

Minutes December 21st 2011 Special Meeting

Minutes December 13th 2011

Minutes November 14th 2011

Minutes October 11th 2011

Minutes September 13th 2011

Minutes August 30th 2011

Minutes August 11th 2011